About the project

The project Innovation and Further Education in Destination Management (DEMINA) was planned to close the current gaps in educational materials and methodologies for destination management and strategic development of tourism. The project is implemented by an international partnership of seven professional institutions from six countries.

The goals of the project are following:

  • to increase the qualification / professionalization of destination organizations and teach them to work with effective tools to increase their knowledge and skills;
  • to define new professional qualifications at European level for the Destination Officer, the Destination Manager and the Destination Auditor;
  • to create a unique educational and methodological tool for the area of ​​audit and management of destinations and thus strengthen the offer of vocational training in this area
  • to promote destination audit expertise as part of destination management qualifications in partner countries;
  • to promote and broaden the interest in destination management in order to contribute to a greater interest in the sustainable and competitive development of tourism and regions and related policies;
  • to strengthen the network of experts in DM at EU level, which will make possible to continuously increase their professional knowledge and skills through the exchange of professional experience.

The project thus focuses on the following specific areas:

  •  innovation in destination management
  • economy, efficiency and effectiveness of financial investments in the development of tourism and destinations
  • raising the qualification of managers and employees in the field of destination management and strategic development of tourism
  • application of the European concept of Tourism Learning Areas
  • strategic and process planning of tourism

The project plans to create two key outputs:

  1. Creation of a methodological publication European Model and Methodology for Destination Management and Audit
  2. Creation of a training program for destination management staff and staff responsible for the development of tourism at the public level, applicable both in the lifelong vocational training and initial vocational education of tourism staff.

The project will also include an international five-day seminar for destination experts from partner countries focused on theoretical and practical teaching of the project issues, conducted in a real destination and with real data.